Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Boyfriend jeans … what can i say, I love them! Their the perfect outfit for the casual not-trying-too-hard look and are super comfortable! I wanted to post about boyfriend jeans for a while, because there are a few things to get right because of their baggy fit they can make your figure unflattering. So first you have to show the skinny parts of your body to emphasis its just the jeans that are baggy, not your shape. For me, I showed my ankles paired up with white heels (adding length to my body) and a sleeveless top so my arms can emphasise my shape further. This outfit was even more with all the fun accessories I managed to pair up, the rings, bracelet and the envelop carry on bag for my small documents (like i have anything serious in there except my iphone LOL). I topped off the outfit for my boyfriend’s hat he got from japan, although his head is sooooo small it hardly fits me. Tell me what you think in the comments.




Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Don’t you think the green and the orange watercolour print looks so fresh and cool? Sometimes I feel that there is really no need to put on lots of accessories and over complicate the outfit. I personally love a simple outfit in the summer time as it is easy going and carefree. Totally my character! lol Definitely my number one choice for summer!



Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Hey everybody! I am currently writing this post amidst the most badass typhoon trying to blow down my house (jokes). It only lasted a few hours but I am not complaining as I get a day off to lie in, watch telly and eat instant noodles! For those that are judging this is Taiwan Typhoon etiquette…for realzzz.

Anyway, thanks to the typhoon I’ve got time to write this post. This is the outfit I wore last sunday and I ABSOLUTELY love this top. This summer you can find this pinkish/orangish/nude-ish colour everywhere and the see through lace material is everywhere too! I am certain that you can find something with lace material in every high brand either as a skirt, top or a dress! I chose to pair this top with a bright high waist checker pencil skirt, creating the 2014 vintage look!

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Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Honestly, deep down I am a “teenage sunflower” just like my outfit! LOL but anyway, if you ask me what is my favourite item in my wardrobe, I would tell u in a heart beat that it is my simple white tank top! However, if you have asked me the same question just about a year ago, I would have probably told you that it is this dress or THAT dress. I have totally underestimated the value of a simple tank top all these years…and I have only came to realise how diverse (economic) it can be! You can literally pair it with ANY type of style you can think of! Stripes, floral, block colour, skirt, trousers, shorts, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and it is oh-so-damn perfect for the summer weather! So anyway, in this post I have paired it with micro mini checker skirt and bright big yellow bag! I hope you like it and ready to fight the temperature!



Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Oh look at the beautiful sky and the beautiful scenery..has it melt your heart already? Certainly has already melted mine …literally…did forgot to mention it was 37 degrees?! But anyway, to match such beautiful scenery, I have politely put on my “victory collection” from the ZARA sales battle field! When I first saw this striped crop top I straight away knew how I wanna match it: the 40s Pin Up Girl style! I feel that each era has its own unique sense that I enjoy, from the 20s glamourous all the way to the 90s colourful neon hiphop! I love them all! I hope you love this outfit too fashionistas!p.s. This is completely out of topic but I can not stop myself from wanting to tell you how addicted I am to Orange is the new black! A super thumb up from me!


Scarf Week Exhibit 3


Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Happy Saturday people! This scarf is the final entry in my scarf exhibit for Renae Su’s “Ornithology” collection. I decided to wrap it around on my big forehead to give it a complete different aesthetic. It is not sweet/cute nor classy/elegant, but it is fun +summer-ish+ free-sprit+ I-did-not-try-hard-to-pick-out-my-outfit-but-yet-I-look-so-chic! Jokes! But seriously, headscarf appears in a few of the SS2014 catwalks including Marc Jacobs! Try it, you will soon learn the beauty of wearing a headscarf: pair with any simple tees will make every outfit sooooo CHIC!

If you like the scarf, please visit the website below!



Photos by Marcus Cheng

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This is the second scarf from Renae Su’s ‘Ornithology’ collection . Do you agree the style is very different to the first one? The styling aspect for the black scarf learns towards something classier and elegant. With a black hat there is a hint of mystery. I totally thought that every person was looking at me and thinking “who is that hot chica” (LOL I always end up thinking too much when I post this late at night). Anyway, I honestly think if someone is re-filming Breakfast at Tiffany in 2014, I imagine this outfit will fit perfectly!

If you like the scarf, please visit the website below!

Scarf Week Exhibit 1


Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Hey guys! I am excited to share with you this amazing project that I worked with my talented illustrator friend, Renae Su. She draws the most beautiful illustrations and lucky us that she is making them into scarves! In the beginning, this scarf gave me a big headache. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking how to pair this scarf to an outfit as the scarf itself is already so full-of-colour and I thought pairing it with something plain is just so ordinary…and who wants to be ordinary! So instead of cheating I decided to pair it with another very very very colourful top of mine and IT WORKED! This once again proves my point that instead of “less is more, MORE IS MORE”!!If you like this scarf as much as I do, please visit the link below and you will find many more scarves await for you at the website!



Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Good morning everyone (or maybe good afternoon)! It is so hot over in Taiwan right now (I am talking about 37 degree celsius!!!) but nothing can stop me from going out and enjoying such a lovely Saturday morning! In this post I am wearing Marcus’ shirt from UNIQLO. He accidentally bought the wrong one, he bought a short sleeves shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt; since recently I have been into this full-of-life style… LUCKY ME right? So, im already out and about (this is the earliest I have been up for a weekend in years), what is your weekend style cheeky ladies?!



Photos by Marcus Cheng

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White is by far my favourite colour (or shade…). I paired this outfit with my straight cut formal trousers with a knitted t-shirt. When I don’t know what to wear in summer, I always choose to pick up something clean cut and minimalistic. This outfit focuses on white, but plays around with different textures in detail. Stick with this rule, and you will not go wrong all summer!