Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC04368 DSC04394 DSC04413 DSC04425 DSC04436 DSC04449 DSC04516 DSC04608 DSC04626


Oh look at the beautiful sky and the beautiful scenery..has it melt your heart already? Certainly has already melted mine …literally…did forgot to mention it was 37 degrees?! But anyway, to match such beautiful scenery, I have politely put on my “victory collection” from the ZARA sales battle field! When I first saw this striped crop top I straight away knew how I wanna match it: the 40s Pin Up Girl style! I feel that each era has its own unique sense that I enjoy, from the 20s glamourous all the way to the 90s colourful neon hiphop! I love them all! I hope you love this outfit too fashionistas!p.s. This is completely out of topic but I can not stop myself from wanting to tell you how addicted I am to Orange is the new black! A super thumb up from me!



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