Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC04890 DSC04918 DSC04924 DSC04897 DSC04977 DSC05021 DSC05068 DSC05168 DSC05188 DSC05022


Hey everybody! I am currently writing this post amidst the most badass typhoon trying to blow down my house (jokes). It only lasted a few hours but I am not complaining as I get a day off to lie in, watch telly and eat instant noodles! For those that are judging this is Taiwan Typhoon etiquette…for realzzz.

Anyway, thanks to the typhoon I’ve got time to write this post. This is the outfit I wore last sunday and I ABSOLUTELY love this top. This summer you can find this pinkish/orangish/nude-ish colour everywhere and the see through lace material is everywhere too! I am certain that you can find something with lace material in every high brand either as a skirt, top or a dress! I chose to pair this top with a bright high waist checker pencil skirt, creating the 2014 vintage look!

p.s If you like my outfit, please like or share my page as it will mean SOOOO MUCH to me! Thanks! xxxxx


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