Photos by Marcus Cheng

I understand dressing up for the autumn weather can sometimes be a bit of a pain so today I am going to share with you all how I tackle this kinda weather. During autumn time the temperature varies so much sometimes its hot sometimes its cold. However, I always believe that the cold is actually from the wind. So the answer is…lightweight long sleeve tops, long skirts or long maxi dresses! All these will help shield the wind from contacting you directly and hence solve the autumn problem!

Yesterday I was wearing this outfit shuttling from street to street and I felt super comfortable! I love the simple line checker pattern of this skirt as I think it is fun and also minimalistic at the same time depending how you pair it. I paired this skirt with a silk black top and couldn’t stop myself from dreaming being the off day duty model. Haha ignore me girls! I know my imagination can be wild!

秋天這種怪天氣到底要怎麼穿呢?一下出大太陽一下風來冷颼颼~ 答案就是….“七分裙”!為什麼呢?因為姐我個人覺得秋天的冷其實是因為有風,所以薄薄的單品像薄長袖上衣跟長裙最適合 因為可以隔離風跟皮膚直接接觸,自然就不會冷啦!

昨天穿著這套穿梭在信義區的大街小巷真是酥胡啦!我喜歡這條裙子的黑白線條格紋,簡單大方,在配上黑色的短袖寬版上衣 讓我偷偷的幻想自己是放假中的名模,又簡約又時尚呢 (sorry姐我又在花癡啦~哈哈哈)

Skirt: Snap and Snatch (
Ring: H&M

DSC00593 DSC00596 DSC00595 DSC00588 DSC00584 DSC00628 DSC00639 DSC00623 DSC00617


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