Photos by Marcus Cheng

Big apologies for not posting lately! I have been staying in HongKong over the last week to sort out something! But I promise there will be more daily outfit posts soon!

Today I am going to introduce you all my recent goodies in this outfit. It looks rather simple as all the colour you can find are just white and metallic but this is probably my favourite style. I personally love wearing one single colour as I think it is very elegant and will not go wrong (and can be very bold). However, instead of playing with the colours, I care more on pairing different textures and fabrics.

Like in this outfit, I am wearing a simple white t-shirt with mix fabric shorts. I think a good quality t-shirt instantly make an outfit look more elegant. When I first saw this t-shirt I was so pleased as I think a good quality plain t-shirt with is very hard to find, and when I look at this t-shirt closely, I realised it has got details at the side and back and instantly, I felt like it was Christmas for me!

And…OMG!!!!…. this pair of heel I am wearing, I mean metallic has been in fashion for almost every season but I have never seen any pair of heels as beautiful as this one! It has got silver front and golden back. This pair of heels are not so high that it is very comfortable to walk in but because it has got a sharp front, it makes your legs look really long and straight!





T-Shirt: SNAP AND SNATCH (www.snapandsnatch.com)
Shorts: ZARA


DSC00427 DSC00437 DSC00451 DSC00475 DSC00481 DSC00487 DSC00491


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