Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC05798 DSC06139 DSC06026 DSC06048 DSC06086 DSC05929 DSC05953 DSC06142


Boyfriend jeans … what can i say, I love them! Their the perfect outfit for the casual not-trying-too-hard look and are super comfortable! I wanted to post about boyfriend jeans for a while, because there are a few things to get right because of their baggy fit they can make your figure unflattering. So first you have to show the skinny parts of your body to emphasis its just the jeans that are baggy, not your shape. For me, I showed my ankles paired up with white heels (adding length to my body) and a sleeveless top so my arms can emphasise my shape further. This outfit was even more with all the fun accessories I managed to pair up, the rings, bracelet and the envelop carry on bag for my small documents (like i have anything serious in there except my iphone LOL). I topped off the outfit for my boyfriend’s hat he got from japan, although his head is sooooo small it hardly fits me. Tell me what you think in the comments.


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