Pictures by Marcus Cheng


How can anyone live through summer without a maxi! Maxi skirt or dress or BOTH are definitely the summer must-have pieces. You will be surprised by the versatility that a maxi skirt can offer, not to mention how comfortable it is. You can wear it either in a formal or casual way depending on the type of top and shoes you pair it with. For your casual daylight look, you can wear it with sandals and a cardigan or, you can wear it with bold/statement jewellery and heels for a night out look. If you are tall, no question you will look amazing in the maxi. However, if you are short like me, you may also be impressed by the magical illusion that the maxi can do for you!



sunoutshadesoutPictures by Jenny Chen

Good morning guys! Or rather good afternoon! I hope guys had an amazing extended holiday! The weather has been so lovely over the last few days. So as my title says, its time to get your SHADES OUT!

Finding the right frame is a bit of a pain. I find it really hard to find a pair that go with my face shape (in case you haven’t notice, I have got an oblong face shape), but after many years of disastrous attempts, I noticed that any shape/frame will look good on me as long as the frame is wider than my face. The bigger then better! I just came across this article on ‘Finding the best sunglasses for your face shape’  at ( as I am writing this post now. I hope it will help you to find a killer pair for this summer!

1. Gucci , 2. Forever 21, 3. Marcus Cheng (Sorry I have no idea where he got it), 4. Chanel, 5. Forever 21 , 5. Chanel Vintage



Pictures by Acacia Hsieh


The movie Great Gatsby came out last weekend and here I am, dressing in 20s fashion. I absolutely love everything about the era – glamorous, glamorous and GLAMOROUS! Who ever said, ‘more is less’ is definitely not from the 20s. In my opinion, ‘more is MORE!’.

I have been waiting months for this movie to come out! I have been so excited for its release, to live up to the hype I attended a Great Gatsby themed event held by the Candellight Club. It is a secret pop up cocktail bar in London. They throw super mysterious themed parties in the sense that they will only tell you the venues just a few days before their events. Anyway, the evening was magical. I felt like I was back in the 20s the moment I stepped my foot into the venue. The whole room was lit up by candles; the live swing music band were rocking the stage; there were lace,feathers, and pearls everywhere. Every woman wore their own Carey Mulligan that night. Even the receptionist was stunning; standing by the door, greeting people with her perfectly done finger wave hair! Till next time “Old Chaps”!



Pictures by Acacia Hsieh


Acacia and I were supposed to shoot this set of photos outside and just when we were leaving the flat, I realised my very smart boyfriend has locked me in the flat as he accidentally took my key with him to work. So we decided to work at home instead. Thanks to Marcus, the photos turned out completely different from what we initially thought it would be. I am loving the ‘Urban Outfitter’ style look. I paired my white checker top with high waist jeans and a pair of white brogues. It was casual yet chic. Hope you guys like it.



Pictures by Marcus Cheng


This season I am fully behind the ‘BACK TO THE EAST’ look and I think you all should be too. I started experimenting with just the prints, but I will reveal how else you can get away with it in future posts. This top I picked was an interesting piece. It was literally a square cloth with two holes for the arms and two buttons at each side. There were various ways to wear it. As seen in the photos above, I wore it buttoned up first to create a beautiful drape in front of my chest. Then I wore it unbuttoned like a loose waistcoat. If you want, you can even wrapped it around your neck like a scarf! That is already three looks from one piece! Talk about maximising utility!!!!  (Editor note: I was an economics student….)



Pictures by Marcus Cheng


This season’s biggest colour trend is definitely awarded to TANGERINE. From light peachy orange to bold flaming red, all types of tangerine dominated in this year’s spring/summer catwalks. Many designers have include the daring colour in their collections this season (Reed Krakoff, Ralph Lauren, BCBG Max Azria, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Dior, Kenso, Moschino Cheap & Chic).

I personally adore this colour. You can wear it  day and night; from urban casual to ultra glamorous. I can go on and on about how ‘in’ this colour is, but to save you all from reading anymore, I am just going to say it : THIS IS “THE” COLOUR OF THE SEASON! GO GET IT!



Pictures by Marcus Cheng


I got the top, shorts and sun glasses from Forever 21 and I am proud to say that everything costs less than 30 pounds. Who says fashion cost you a fortune! I strongly believe that it is all about picking up the right things and knowing what suits you.

Hope everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend.

p.s My boyfriend Marcus asked me “Aren’t you 23, do they even allow you to shop in Forever 21?’



Pictures by Marcus Cheng


I bought this skirt when I was still working at Massimo Dutti and I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. I wanted to buy this skirt straight away as I knew there were only two pieces left. I cheekily hid it away behind the shelves in the stock room so I could pay for it when I got off work. As I was paying, the customer next to me asked my colleague angrily ‘I thought you said there wasn’t any left!!!’. Ooops.


DSC01943Pictures by Acacia HsiehDSC01893DSC01917 DSC01972

Printed trousers are definitely one of my favourite trends this summer. They were showcased all over the SS13 fashion week (Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dries van Noten and Givenchy etc). I got my pair from my visit to Korea in March and have been wanting to wear them since. However the UK weather has not been very forgiving until this week.

I noticed a lot of people are intimidated by the bold prints. Trust me, you will never go wrong if you pair them with a simple white top. If you are more daring, I strongly recommend matching prints with prints!

A potential problem with printed trousers is that it could enhance your hips, but a long cardigan or coat can solve it all!