Scarf Week Exhibit 3


Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC03869 DSC03885 DSC03904 DSC03962 DSC03977 DSC03979 DSC03882 DSC03988 DSC03996 DSC04028 DSC04034


Happy Saturday people! This scarf is the final entry in my scarf exhibit for Renae Su’s “Ornithology” collection. I decided to wrap it around on my big forehead to give it a complete different aesthetic. It is not sweet/cute nor classy/elegant, but it is fun +summer-ish+ free-sprit+ I-did-not-try-hard-to-pick-out-my-outfit-but-yet-I-look-so-chic! Jokes! But seriously, headscarf appears in a few of the SS2014 catwalks including Marc Jacobs! Try it, you will soon learn the beauty of wearing a headscarf: pair with any simple tees will make every outfit sooooo CHIC!

If you like the scarf, please visit the website below!


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