Pictures by Marcus Cheng

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In weather like this, all I wanna wear is something comfortable. That means NO to body hugging clothes! I find it super weird to see girls wearing tight tight dresss on the street in weather like this.  Excuse me! It is madafaka 31 degree out here! Anyway, this top is probably the most comfortable top I will ever own. It is loose and flowy AND COLOURFUL! I absolutely love it and you should too 😉




Pictures by Marcus Cheng

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I hope all of you are itching for the weekend especially with weather like this. I got this dress recently online from ‘In Love With Fashion’. I was so smug and thought that no one would know where to get this dress until yesterday I spotted the yellow colour ones in Topshop (Oxford Street). I am debating on investing one in that colour too. So yes girls, if you want to cheekily show off that sexy back, no other dress does that better than this one this summer.



Pictures by Acacia Hsieh

 DSC09854 DSC09925 DSC09859

First thing first. Big apologies for the late update. I will just have to blame the good weather which we don’t get quite enough over the year. Anyway, as I have promised you all for more pictures on the hats. Both hats above were designed and hand made by the talented Maria Milliner. I love the pink one because it is classy and feminine. Isn’t the blue one just way too fun? I love the design that I can tie a bun in the middle. The cream ruffles around is my favourite part. Oh! Have I forgot about the feather? Love it! If you like them as much as I do then you got to check the website out (

P.s. Maria is such a lovely woman! Check out her twitter for latest updates @MariaEfMilline



Pictures by Acacia Hsieh

DSC08167 DSC08192

Have you ever felt that there are so many beautiful ball dresses out there but too little balls? This dress was a blast from the Warehouse sales! Oh how I love London summer sales!

Anyway I am going to inform you all that I am going to take a tiny weenie break from reviewing high street brands. Don’t worry, it is gonna come back soon. I promise. Next one might be a brand that has two letters. Start with a M and ends with a S. Sit tight.



Pictures by Marcus Cheng

DSC09223 DSC09444 DSC09289 DSC09592   DSC09335 zara3

Happy sunday everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the sunny weekend. I certainly enjoyed mine! This is my last look from ZARA. I hope you like the three dresses that I picked. I definitely think that ZARA does summer dresses especially well at affordable prices.  (I can’t say the same about the winter dresses though. I find them usually too dull). Glad I bought these dresses in time for the summer finally arriving in London.  Talk about timing.  I especially enjoyed wearing this dress while drinking Pimms and watching the Wimbledon Tennis.  What a historic moment for Britain to win the Wimbledon trophy for the first time in 77 years – if only people still remember this dress in 77 years time too!

P.S. Congratulations Andy Murray!!!!



Pictures by Marcus Cheng

DSC08441 DSC08522 DSC08430 DSC08461DSC08485

This is the second dress I picked from ZARA. It is a beautiful green jacquard dress with cut out back. Both high hemline and low neckline are extremely flattering to any figure. The ‘flare out’ at the waistline accentuate curves which shaped female’s silhouette perfectly. I am in love with this dress because I think it is fun and flirty which is what summer is all about right? I have decided not to wear any accessories but instead, I had my red lips out just because I think it goes really well with the green. Do you guys like it?

ZARA PT1: Mad Men


Pictures by Marcus Cheng

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ZARA this week! Woopwoop! First of all, I just wanna say – ZARA, you’ve made me so poor! I spent more money at ZARA than any other stores. It has a range of collections from workwears to holiday’s outfits. Woman aged 40 wears ZARA because It is cheap. Woman aged 20 wears ZARA because it is fashionable. According to the Guardian, “These days, it provides a rich seam of instant small talk between women who like clothes, crossing boundaries of age, class and style.” No wonder ZARA took over the high street!

Anyway, I have picked 3 dresses from ZARA’s new collection. What? THREE DRESSES?!! I know it is surprising how I have picked three dresses when there are so many different styles ZARA has offers. The first image that pops up in my head when I hear ZARA is, no doubt, tailored trousers and blazer; polished look that focuses on the fabrics and textures. But trust me, ZARA’s dresses this season, WOW!

This is the first dress I picked from ZARA. A floral wide V neck bodycon dress. Doesn’t it remind you of Mad Men? Midi length skirts/dresses are magical. Every girl will instantly feel sophisticated in a midi. I paired it with a beautiful headpiece designed by the next up coming hat designer, Maria Milliner (

P.s. If you are already in love with the hat, then no worries. This is just a sneaky preview of one of many hats. Soon I am going to dedicate a post on just Maria Milliner’s hats.