Photos by Marcus Cheng


Hola everyone! Long time no see! A super big apology for the big delay in posting. The last 2 months have been hectic as hell but I do not intend to stop this blog AT ALL. Well…apart from the change of location (I have moved back to Taiwan) I have managed to get myself a job! HOORAY! In the future if you ever see me wearing designer clothes, that probably means I got promoted. Jokes! Since this blog is about me and fashion, you might start seeing posts on sexy office wears! HOORAY AGAIN!

Anyway, this is one of the last sets of photos I took before I left the London land! I got this coral coloured dress 2 years ago from Dahlia. It actually has a square neckline but I opened the first button and sewed it inwards. To dress it down a little bit I have decided to pair it with a brown belt and a pair of brown wedges. Hope you enjoy it!