Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Sowee I haven’t posted in a while as work has gotten just a little too hectic over the last few days but I promise I will update regularly! So please keep visiting 

Bomber Jacket has managed to stay in fashion for a good few years now, however, who says they have to be so manly with big fury collars? I like mine from ZARA. It is colourful, fun, lightweight and somewhat more feminine! I like how I clashed the sporty bomber with classic black heels (hard to go wrong with anything) as I think it gives the street style look! I paired it with a red skirt that I bought when I was visiting S.Korea and a 15 year old vintage bag that I stole from mum’s closet! Cool huh?




Photos by Marcus Cheng



I am so pleased that Wide Leg Trousers made it to the top of the fashion trend this year. I have always liked my spring/summer dresses however, part of me is always secretly admiring others who can pull off wearing ‘tom-boyish chic’! Therefore, today I am going to tackle this bad boy, The Loose Fit Wide-Striped Trousers!I paired it up with a simple V-neck vest, a long navy waistcoat and 12cm high heels that I can barely walk in! As the most loose part of the trousers are around the thigh area this can easily make us girls look out of proportion therefore I suggest subtly covering it with a long waist coat or coat that covers the top part of your sexy legs! Trust me on this, as the long waistcoat and the heels never fail to do their magic to enhance our feminine silhouette. Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments below!




Photos by Marcus Cheng

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I can’t stress enough how big of a fan I am when it comes to comfortable wear during the mega hot spring and summer weather! However, the question is: How To Stay Stylish & Stay Comfortable Wearing Loose Clothes? The biggest worry we girls think is probably looking big wearing these loose clothes but HEY! Have I mentioned those chunky skyscraper heels under my palazzo trousers? Those extra three inches will give the impression of being tall and skinny! Problem fixed! That wasn’t so hard right?!

I chose to pair up the nautical print top with the Champagne coloured trousers which I think is both super summer chic and yet feminine! Goodness I am so ready for a trip to the Gelato Wonderland in some Italian/Spain alleyway! I must say ” Thank you Glamour magazine, I so want a freaking holiday now…RIGHT NOW!!!!”