Scarf Week Exhibit 1


Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC02400 DSC02392 DSC02487 DSC02416 DSC02412 DSC02508 DSC02511 DSC02578 DSC02595 DSC02642 DSC02644 DSC02650


Hey guys! I am excited to share with you this amazing project that I worked with my talented illustrator friend, Renae Su. She draws the most beautiful illustrations and lucky us that she is making them into scarves! In the beginning, this scarf gave me a big headache. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking how to pair this scarf to an outfit as the scarf itself is already so full-of-colour and I thought pairing it with something plain is just so ordinary…and who wants to be ordinary! So instead of cheating I decided to pair it with another very very very colourful top of mine and IT WORKED! This once again proves my point that instead of “less is more, MORE IS MORE”!!If you like this scarf as much as I do, please visit the link below and you will find many more scarves await for you at the website!


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