Photos by Marcus Cheng

I understand dressing up for the autumn weather can sometimes be a bit of a pain so today I am going to share with you all how I tackle this kinda weather. During autumn time the temperature varies so much sometimes its hot sometimes its cold. However, I always believe that the cold is actually from the wind. So the answer is…lightweight long sleeve tops, long skirts or long maxi dresses! All these will help shield the wind from contacting you directly and hence solve the autumn problem!

Yesterday I was wearing this outfit shuttling from street to street and I felt super comfortable! I love the simple line checker pattern of this skirt as I think it is fun and also minimalistic at the same time depending how you pair it. I paired this skirt with a silk black top and couldn’t stop myself from dreaming being the off day duty model. Haha ignore me girls! I know my imagination can be wild!

秋天這種怪天氣到底要怎麼穿呢?一下出大太陽一下風來冷颼颼~ 答案就是….“七分裙”!為什麼呢?因為姐我個人覺得秋天的冷其實是因為有風,所以薄薄的單品像薄長袖上衣跟長裙最適合 因為可以隔離風跟皮膚直接接觸,自然就不會冷啦!

昨天穿著這套穿梭在信義區的大街小巷真是酥胡啦!我喜歡這條裙子的黑白線條格紋,簡單大方,在配上黑色的短袖寬版上衣 讓我偷偷的幻想自己是放假中的名模,又簡約又時尚呢 (sorry姐我又在花癡啦~哈哈哈)

Skirt: Snap and Snatch (
Ring: H&M

DSC00593 DSC00596 DSC00595 DSC00588 DSC00584 DSC00628 DSC00639 DSC00623 DSC00617





Photos by Marcus Cheng

Black and White is my favourite combination! In this look I am wearing a loose black and white strip top with black culottes. What do you girls think? I am loving this slumber look!

p.s. Why has no one ever told me that pineapple bun is sooooo good in HK?



黑白寬版上衣/ Black and White Strip Top: Snap and Snatch
黑色七分褲/ Black Culottes: Pull and Bear
拖鞋/Flipflop: Aldo

DSC00548 DSC00541 DSC00526 DSC00532 DSC00527 DSC00515 DSC00501



Photos by Marcus Cheng

Big apologies for not posting lately! I have been staying in HongKong over the last week to sort out something! But I promise there will be more daily outfit posts soon!

Today I am going to introduce you all my recent goodies in this outfit. It looks rather simple as all the colour you can find are just white and metallic but this is probably my favourite style. I personally love wearing one single colour as I think it is very elegant and will not go wrong (and can be very bold). However, instead of playing with the colours, I care more on pairing different textures and fabrics.

Like in this outfit, I am wearing a simple white t-shirt with mix fabric shorts. I think a good quality t-shirt instantly make an outfit look more elegant. When I first saw this t-shirt I was so pleased as I think a good quality plain t-shirt with is very hard to find, and when I look at this t-shirt closely, I realised it has got details at the side and back and instantly, I felt like it was Christmas for me!

And…OMG!!!!…. this pair of heel I am wearing, I mean metallic has been in fashion for almost every season but I have never seen any pair of heels as beautiful as this one! It has got silver front and golden back. This pair of heels are not so high that it is very comfortable to walk in but because it has got a sharp front, it makes your legs look really long and straight!





Shorts: ZARA


DSC00427 DSC00437 DSC00451 DSC00475 DSC00481 DSC00487 DSC00491



Photos by Marcus Cheng

Hey girls! I hope your Monday isn’t too blue! Just put it this way, party weekend starts in 5 days! Wooop So today I am going to share with you my ‘seal the deal’ outfit and hopefully will pump you up lol

If you have been follow me closely, you would know that lately I am obsessed with this metallic pencil skirt! I think this skirt is very versatile. The last time I wore it with a sleeveless silk printed top with a pair of white heels which is very suitable for day time. However, this time I swapped the top with a simple black vest and paired it up with a pair of black heels instead to give a more glamours look! I think this skirt is perfect if you fancy a cheeky party after work as all you have to do is change the top and you will be all glam up and ready to go!



有在發落我的人應該知道姐我最近愛上了這條銀色鉛筆裙,我覺得它可塑性非常的高,之前用同一條裙子搭配出都市知性風,而這次我只換了一件簡單的黑色背心和鞋子就瞬間變的美豔華麗,所以上班族可以在下班後換上一個單品就 ready to party 囉!

DSC08167 DSC08172 DSC08181 DSC08182 DSC08185 DSC08162 DSC08158 DSC08298 DSC08263 DSC08267 DSC08275 DSC08242 DSC08235 DSC08366 DSC08375 DSC08385 DSC08392




Photos by Marcus Cheng
I woke up this morning and I cannot wait to share with you guys photos from last night. It was so amazing to be invited to go to Vans and mini Magazine’s event! Before, I always thought Vans sneaker is just another pair of ordinary causal sneakers but after last night, I have realised how diverse and full of possibility a pair of Vans can be! It is certainly not just restricted to causal style! Anyway, since the event was thrown by the Japanese company, I was glad to see the models demonstrated the Japanese fashion with Vans. However, if you are also interested in other ways to wear Vans, I have attached a few links below for you girls!
p.s. I was super duper happy to meet so many new friends from the event last night! I must admit that I was so slightly scared before I left the house to the event but everyone was so kind, so chatty, so funny
達啦!一早就迫不及待上傳姐我昨天出去玩的照片!本來覺得Vans的鞋子很一般,就是普通的休閒鞋,不過昨天看到它其實可以搭出非常多不同的風格,而不是只限制在休閒的穿搭!真的瞬間愛死囉!不過因為這次的活動是跟日本mini雜誌合作,所以麻豆穿搭出來的風格都是走比較日系的風格! 所以想要開始嘗試穿Vans穿出不同風格的你可以看看以下我幫大家找到的穿搭連結喔~
p.s. 真的很開心認識新朋友!在家還沒出發真的有點怕怕的,不過大家都超級無敵霹靂nice啦啦啦啦啦!