Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC04148 DSC04098 DSC04163 DSC04181 DSC04348 DSC04327 DSC04203 DSC04220


Honestly, deep down I am a “teenage sunflower” just like my outfit! LOL but anyway, if you ask me what is my favourite item in my wardrobe, I would tell u in a heart beat that it is my simple white tank top! However, if you have asked me the same question just about a year ago, I would have probably told you that it is this dress or THAT dress. I have totally underestimated the value of a simple tank top all these years…and I have only came to realise how diverse (economic) it can be! You can literally pair it with ANY type of style you can think of! Stripes, floral, block colour, skirt, trousers, shorts, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and it is oh-so-damn perfect for the summer weather! So anyway, in this post I have paired it with micro mini checker skirt and bright big yellow bag! I hope you like it and ready to fight the temperature!


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