Photos by Marcus Cheng









Do you guys get those kinda “days” that you are just too lazy and can’t be bother to dress up? Or just don’t know what to wear? I get that ALL THE TIME but I refuse to walk out of my house in sloppy and unfashionable outfits! I am a big believer that you should always look ‘ready’ for all kind of events even if you are only running an errand because you never know who you will be running into! What if you bumped into an ex boyfriends or someone that may offer you an once in a lifetime job opportunity with high salary (lol i dream way too much). But I know better than anyone how difficult and how much effort it takes to look ready at all times. So thank goodness that SWAER LONDON offered me this beautiful pair of shoes this season, Charlotte. You can wear her with the simplest outfits and you will still look so chic! Her shape is edgy like brogues but the floral canvas print gives a young and fun vibe! I think I am falling in love all over again!

I am certain that that it is very easy for you to replicate this outfit! All you need is,

1. a simple white tank top
2. a white shirt (an oversize one will be fun but if you don’t have it, steal it from your boyfriend, brother or your dad! One thing to remember is to fold your sleeves higher than your elbows and you are ready to go!)
3. a pair of blue jeans
4. a pair of chic/comfortable shoes (if you like Charlotte, please visit the fan page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/SWEAR-London-Taiwan/537952669582834)

Now go try to be a lazy yet pretty girl starting from today!


不知道愛美的你們會不會有“那幾天”就是懶得花時間打扮+不知道要穿甚麼呢?我呢….我常常有! 但是倔強的我又不想很邋遢&沒型妥協,所以好家在 SWEAR London – Taiwan 在今年春夏出了這雙藍色的帆布牛津鞋,而且她有著一個漂亮又浪漫的名字叫Charlotte! 只要穿上她 不管在簡單輕便的搭配都能瞬間變得很有型喔! 姊姊我真的太崇拜Charlotte了,因為她擁有牛津鞋的帥氣外型 但她的藍色花花帆布面卻透露出少女的可愛俏皮!阿~~~真令我陶醉阿!哈哈哈


1. 簡單的白色背心
2. 普通白色襯衫 (oversize 或是男朋友的都不錯,不過切記要把袖子折到手臂上喔 )
3. 藍色牛仔褲
4.一雙有型又舒服的鞋子( 喜歡Charlotte 的你們也可以去逛逛她的粉絲頁喔https://www.facebook.com/pages/SWEAR-London-Taiwan/537952669582834




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