Photos by Marcus Cheng

Oh no!!!! I can’t believe summer has slipped away already (even though it is still 35 degrees over here!). So…I am gonna hold on the summer by its tail and let floral wash all over me, otherwise, I would have to wait till next year to go floral again! The topic of today is “How to wear floral without looking like an old lady”!

I recently dug this top out from my wardrobe and I was skeptical because…

1. I bought this top when I was 16, hence, 8 years ago….oh dear…
2. Wearing something from 2006 in 2014, will lead to people calling me the ‘out of fashion girl’ or the ‘old fashion girl’…(can’t decide which is worse, both horrible)

In an instant I made a judgment and I know I was right… I know that this top can survive all these years and still can be chic but why? Because floral tops are just like jeans…THEY NEVER GO OUT OF FASHION! True fact! Have you ever not seen floral in any of the Spring/Summer trend report?! So if your mum, your boyfriend or your husband ever ask you not to waste money on buying another floral top, you can then tell her or him that “ Spending your money on floral is the best investment as I can still wear them in 8 years time ok?!!!”

In this look, I have paired this floral shirtsleeves shirt with a simple white knee length
skirt and a pair of green ankle wrap heels. For some reasons, this outfit is kinda vintage-ish right? Or am I thinking too much…again? Make-up and hair wise, I have decided to put focus on my lips. I decided to put on an orange lipstick colour as I know it will pop with the green. With so much going on everywhere else, I have tied my hair into a neat pony tail to focus more on the outfit. Tell me if you like it or am I really turning into an ‘old fashion girl’ or ‘out of fashion girl’?


喔NO!!! 沒想到才一下子夏天就悄悄的過了(雖然台灣還是熱的要死)!但我還是要緊抓著夏天的尾巴不放,要放肆的大“ 花 ”特花的花個過癮 不然就要再等到明年了!所以今天的主題就叫『要怎麼花到徹底但不變花癡之人比花嬌』吧!


1. 這件衣服是我16歲時買的,也就是說我已經擁有它8年了…喔買尬!
2. 把2006年的衣服拿到2014年穿,會不會已經退流行+老土了呢?

可是很快的我就判定它是經得起歲月考驗的…因為碎花就像牛仔褲一樣 從來沒有退過流行,仔細想想有哪季的春夏你沒有看到花的出現呢?所以我說阿…如果你媽你男友or你老公等等叫你不要再浪費花錢買新衣的話,你就可以抬頭挺胸大聲的跟她/他說:『花你的錢買花的衣服是我為你做的最好投資,因為我8年後還可以穿ok?!』

Anyway 我這次為這件花花上衣搭配上一件白色的及膝裙和包腳踝的綠色高跟鞋,全部加在一起是不是有種說不上來的復古味道呢?還是我又想太多了?哈 置於妝髮的部份 我把重點放在口紅上,我選擇橘色是為了要增加跟綠色的衝突,但既然臉跟上半身都花了 所以我決定把頭髮梳成乾淨的馬尾,你們喜歡這個look嗎?








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