Photos by Marcus Cheng









Every time when I talk about fashion, I somehow instantly think about french women. I remember when I visited France, I was so fascinated with their taste of fashion. It seems like each french woman is some kind of artist that managed to turn an ordinary pair of jeans and LBD into something so WOW. I truly believe that all french women are born with this gifted magical styling ability! So I have decided to dig around to see how they dressed and came out with a few points. My perspective is that french women dress to carry an ‘aura’ e.g. classy, elegant and confident rather than blindly chasing after fashion trends. They never throw too much prints, colours and accessories on to themselves like a Christmas tree. To look sexy, they will tastefully reveal their shaders, waists and legs but never try too hard to look sexy and have half of their boobs hanging off their chest! (ok! maybe I am abit jealous that my girls are not big enough to hang…..when I mean girls, you know what I mean right, girl )!

Anyway, I know I am out of topic again. What I want to say is, in this outfit I am trying to be a mademoiselle and I was thinking what is more french than polka dots? Seriously, I think polka dots print deserves to be France national print! In this outfit, I have paired this beautiful polka dots palazzo with a simple white tube and a black big hats. I hope you like it and are ready to enjoy the ‘Français” experience!

p.s. After flicking through all the fashion magazines this morning I noticed that there was a trend amongst celebrities to carry dogs, babies and starbucks in their street style snapshots. So I asked Marcus during this photoshoot, which one would he provide, 5 minutes later he brought over a ice latte and three dogs from a stranger!


每次說到時尚 就會莫名的聯想到法國女人,記得上次去法國玩時,覺得每位法國女人都好像是個魔術師,總是可以把一件簡單平常的牛仔褲或是黑色洋裝穿的格外時尚,好像每個法國女人生下來就具備著天生的好品味,但是到底怎麼穿才可以穿出獨特的法國風格呢?經過我的研究,我發現法國女人在穿衣服有幾個特點,就是她們追求的是一種『韻味』而不是盲目的跟隨流行,她們穿出簡單,優雅和自信,而絕對不會把過多的花色,顏色和配件象聖誕樹一樣我自己身上丟,更不會追求過度暴露的性感,既使性感也只是小露香肩,小蠻腰或是腿,而不是直接的把半顆地球掛在胸前(我想我可能是有吃不到葡萄說葡萄酸的心態吧…..哈哈)

Anyway, 我又離題了!反正我想說的是:說到法國時尚一定會想到點點花紋,我想說點點花紋是法國人的國民花色有不過份吧?我這身穿搭的重點就在這點點褲裙,利落又浪漫,我選擇搭配上簡單的白色小可愛和黑色的編織帽,希望你們會喜歡!

p.s. 我跟我男朋友說:怎麼女星街拍的時後手上要碼不是拿著咖啡,就是遛著狗或是抱著小孩,是不是新的Fashion潮流?我是不是該生個小孩或是來養狗阿(純屬玩笑)? 結果他馬上跑去跟路人借了三隻狗來給我過乾隱 ==





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