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I love Taiwan but I really detest shopping in Taiwan! I realised the fashion follows japanese and korean fashion closely here which I am not a huge fan because most of the styles have too much detail going on. E.g. puffy sleeves + cute lace + pearls + chiffon etc.

I prefer something bold, simple and elegant and my fashion philosophy is:
1. You should never have more than 3 colours on your body at one time.
2. One statement piece is more than enough! Sometimes you don’t event need one!
2. After putting your shoes on and before leaving the house, you should look into the mirror and take one item off (scarf, earrings or even lipstick colour etc.)

What I wanna say is, I seriously miss the UK shopping paradise and to ease my craving, I went to Hotel V as I read it on a magazine that it sells some of the TOPSHOP items and BAM! Look what I found?! This beautiful metallic pencil skirt! Tell me you are loving it too!

Metallic has always been a big hit during autumn and winter times as the weather gets darker day by day, colour on the street is turning muted and the dull atmosphere covers the whole city. So yes metallic is of course brighter than ever in autumn and winter and really adds some real glam to the dull dull weather!

I consider this silver pencil skirts as a statement piece and hence, I have paired it up with a simple sleeveless silk front watercolour print knitted back top. (lol you know what

I mean) Lastly I was carrying my new purchase white envelope purse! I hope you like it! Enjoy! xxx
我愛台灣 可是 我真的不愛在台灣逛街,因為我發現大部份在台灣賣的衣服都是給潮韓潮日的妹仔穿的,不要誤會我沒有不喜歡韓風日風的意思,只不過我個人不太喜歡『太多』的東西出現在同一件衣服上,太多details再一件衣服上真的會讓我頭暈,例:蓬蓬袖+蕾絲+珍珠+雪紡紗全部加在一起…喔買尬!而我呢…比較喜歡大膽,簡單利落加上一點貴氣的風格,我的穿衣哲學就是:

1. 身上應該不能超過3個顏色
2. 強眼吸睛的單品再身上只要出現一個就夠了
3. 每次穿好鞋子出門前我都會照照鏡子,然后拿掉身上某樣東西(耳環,口紅顏色,圍巾 等)

反正我想說的是 我超級想念英國的購物天堂啦!所以前幾天我跑去逛了Hotel V 因為我在雜誌上看到他們是Topshop在台灣的經銷商,然后將將將將 我找到了這件寶貝,快說!你們是不是也覺得這件銀色鉛筆裙真的超級無敵霹靂好看的呢?!

金屬風是秋冬季節永遠的主打,因為邁入秋冬時 天空會慢慢的越來越灰, 街景的顏色會越來越柔, 整個城市會越來越暗淡,所以再秋冬金屬顏色會格外的顯眼格外的吸引人!


DSC07920  DSC07949 DSC07956 DSC07964 DSC08012 DSC08026 DSC08063 DSC08112 DSC08047 DSC08032




Photos by Marcus Cheng

Oh no!!!! I can’t believe summer has slipped away already (even though it is still 35 degrees over here!). So…I am gonna hold on the summer by its tail and let floral wash all over me, otherwise, I would have to wait till next year to go floral again! The topic of today is “How to wear floral without looking like an old lady”!

I recently dug this top out from my wardrobe and I was skeptical because…

1. I bought this top when I was 16, hence, 8 years ago….oh dear…
2. Wearing something from 2006 in 2014, will lead to people calling me the ‘out of fashion girl’ or the ‘old fashion girl’…(can’t decide which is worse, both horrible)

In an instant I made a judgment and I know I was right… I know that this top can survive all these years and still can be chic but why? Because floral tops are just like jeans…THEY NEVER GO OUT OF FASHION! True fact! Have you ever not seen floral in any of the Spring/Summer trend report?! So if your mum, your boyfriend or your husband ever ask you not to waste money on buying another floral top, you can then tell her or him that “ Spending your money on floral is the best investment as I can still wear them in 8 years time ok?!!!”

In this look, I have paired this floral shirtsleeves shirt with a simple white knee length
skirt and a pair of green ankle wrap heels. For some reasons, this outfit is kinda vintage-ish right? Or am I thinking too much…again? Make-up and hair wise, I have decided to put focus on my lips. I decided to put on an orange lipstick colour as I know it will pop with the green. With so much going on everywhere else, I have tied my hair into a neat pony tail to focus more on the outfit. Tell me if you like it or am I really turning into an ‘old fashion girl’ or ‘out of fashion girl’?


喔NO!!! 沒想到才一下子夏天就悄悄的過了(雖然台灣還是熱的要死)!但我還是要緊抓著夏天的尾巴不放,要放肆的大“ 花 ”特花的花個過癮 不然就要再等到明年了!所以今天的主題就叫『要怎麼花到徹底但不變花癡之人比花嬌』吧!


1. 這件衣服是我16歲時買的,也就是說我已經擁有它8年了…喔買尬!
2. 把2006年的衣服拿到2014年穿,會不會已經退流行+老土了呢?

可是很快的我就判定它是經得起歲月考驗的…因為碎花就像牛仔褲一樣 從來沒有退過流行,仔細想想有哪季的春夏你沒有看到花的出現呢?所以我說阿…如果你媽你男友or你老公等等叫你不要再浪費花錢買新衣的話,你就可以抬頭挺胸大聲的跟她/他說:『花你的錢買花的衣服是我為你做的最好投資,因為我8年後還可以穿ok?!』

Anyway 我這次為這件花花上衣搭配上一件白色的及膝裙和包腳踝的綠色高跟鞋,全部加在一起是不是有種說不上來的復古味道呢?還是我又想太多了?哈 置於妝髮的部份 我把重點放在口紅上,我選擇橘色是為了要增加跟綠色的衝突,但既然臉跟上半身都花了 所以我決定把頭髮梳成乾淨的馬尾,你們喜歡這個look嗎?









Photos by Marcus Cheng









Do you guys get those kinda “days” that you are just too lazy and can’t be bother to dress up? Or just don’t know what to wear? I get that ALL THE TIME but I refuse to walk out of my house in sloppy and unfashionable outfits! I am a big believer that you should always look ‘ready’ for all kind of events even if you are only running an errand because you never know who you will be running into! What if you bumped into an ex boyfriends or someone that may offer you an once in a lifetime job opportunity with high salary (lol i dream way too much). But I know better than anyone how difficult and how much effort it takes to look ready at all times. So thank goodness that SWAER LONDON offered me this beautiful pair of shoes this season, Charlotte. You can wear her with the simplest outfits and you will still look so chic! Her shape is edgy like brogues but the floral canvas print gives a young and fun vibe! I think I am falling in love all over again!

I am certain that that it is very easy for you to replicate this outfit! All you need is,

1. a simple white tank top
2. a white shirt (an oversize one will be fun but if you don’t have it, steal it from your boyfriend, brother or your dad! One thing to remember is to fold your sleeves higher than your elbows and you are ready to go!)
3. a pair of blue jeans
4. a pair of chic/comfortable shoes (if you like Charlotte, please visit the fan page at

Now go try to be a lazy yet pretty girl starting from today!


不知道愛美的你們會不會有“那幾天”就是懶得花時間打扮+不知道要穿甚麼呢?我呢….我常常有! 但是倔強的我又不想很邋遢&沒型妥協,所以好家在 SWEAR London – Taiwan 在今年春夏出了這雙藍色的帆布牛津鞋,而且她有著一個漂亮又浪漫的名字叫Charlotte! 只要穿上她 不管在簡單輕便的搭配都能瞬間變得很有型喔! 姊姊我真的太崇拜Charlotte了,因為她擁有牛津鞋的帥氣外型 但她的藍色花花帆布面卻透露出少女的可愛俏皮!阿~~~真令我陶醉阿!哈哈哈


1. 簡單的白色背心
2. 普通白色襯衫 (oversize 或是男朋友的都不錯,不過切記要把袖子折到手臂上喔 )
3. 藍色牛仔褲
4.一雙有型又舒服的鞋子( 喜歡Charlotte 的你們也可以去逛逛她的粉絲頁喔





Photos by Marcus Cheng









Every time when I talk about fashion, I somehow instantly think about french women. I remember when I visited France, I was so fascinated with their taste of fashion. It seems like each french woman is some kind of artist that managed to turn an ordinary pair of jeans and LBD into something so WOW. I truly believe that all french women are born with this gifted magical styling ability! So I have decided to dig around to see how they dressed and came out with a few points. My perspective is that french women dress to carry an ‘aura’ e.g. classy, elegant and confident rather than blindly chasing after fashion trends. They never throw too much prints, colours and accessories on to themselves like a Christmas tree. To look sexy, they will tastefully reveal their shaders, waists and legs but never try too hard to look sexy and have half of their boobs hanging off their chest! (ok! maybe I am abit jealous that my girls are not big enough to hang…..when I mean girls, you know what I mean right, girl )!

Anyway, I know I am out of topic again. What I want to say is, in this outfit I am trying to be a mademoiselle and I was thinking what is more french than polka dots? Seriously, I think polka dots print deserves to be France national print! In this outfit, I have paired this beautiful polka dots palazzo with a simple white tube and a black big hats. I hope you like it and are ready to enjoy the ‘Français” experience!

p.s. After flicking through all the fashion magazines this morning I noticed that there was a trend amongst celebrities to carry dogs, babies and starbucks in their street style snapshots. So I asked Marcus during this photoshoot, which one would he provide, 5 minutes later he brought over a ice latte and three dogs from a stranger!


每次說到時尚 就會莫名的聯想到法國女人,記得上次去法國玩時,覺得每位法國女人都好像是個魔術師,總是可以把一件簡單平常的牛仔褲或是黑色洋裝穿的格外時尚,好像每個法國女人生下來就具備著天生的好品味,但是到底怎麼穿才可以穿出獨特的法國風格呢?經過我的研究,我發現法國女人在穿衣服有幾個特點,就是她們追求的是一種『韻味』而不是盲目的跟隨流行,她們穿出簡單,優雅和自信,而絕對不會把過多的花色,顏色和配件象聖誕樹一樣我自己身上丟,更不會追求過度暴露的性感,既使性感也只是小露香肩,小蠻腰或是腿,而不是直接的把半顆地球掛在胸前(我想我可能是有吃不到葡萄說葡萄酸的心態吧…..哈哈)

Anyway, 我又離題了!反正我想說的是:說到法國時尚一定會想到點點花紋,我想說點點花紋是法國人的國民花色有不過份吧?我這身穿搭的重點就在這點點褲裙,利落又浪漫,我選擇搭配上簡單的白色小可愛和黑色的編織帽,希望你們會喜歡!

p.s. 我跟我男朋友說:怎麼女星街拍的時後手上要碼不是拿著咖啡,就是遛著狗或是抱著小孩,是不是新的Fashion潮流?我是不是該生個小孩或是來養狗阿(純屬玩笑)? 結果他馬上跑去跟路人借了三隻狗來給我過乾隱 ==






Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC06318 DSC06365 DSC06412 DSC06418 DSC06434_2 DSC06436 DSC06471


Out of the blue I wanted to try out this new cool/rocker-ish look. Does it suit me? I quite like this outfit but I am still not 100% convinced. Anyway, recently I am very into tshirts with printed words. People who knows me would know that I am always after the effortless look. lol So if you like this kind of ‘I am not trying at all and yet I look stunning’ outfit then printed word t-shirt is definitely for you! In this outfit, I paired up with ripped jeans and my boyfriend’s brown backpack! Hope you like it!


突然心血來潮想要嘗試比較酷的 rocker風格!適合我嗎? 雖然我自己還蠻喜歡的不過還是沒有百分之百被說服,anyway 最近真的真的很喜歡簡單的T恤,尤其是有印字的!認識我的人都知道我私底下ㄧ直不斷追求那種 看起來沒有特別打扮可是穿出來的衣服還是這麼好看的look! 哈 所以簡單的印字T恤是女生穿出休閒風格不可少的百搭商品喔!這套我選擇搭配破洞牛仔褲和男朋友的咖啡色皮背包!好看嗎?



















早在今年的3月 我開始研究2014年春夏的流行趨勢時就看到『七分褲裙』,我很驚訝,更感到非常的離奇,覺得為什麼這麼不討女生身材歡心的褲子會登上時尚看板,更不用說寬寬鬆鬆加上七分長度不把我們女生的腿變成『恨天矮肥短』才怪!可是人真的不能太鐵尺,沒想到竟然短短的幾個月 我卻被它全全收買了!

我想姐姐我真的越老對貼身的衣服越來越沒有耐心,以前為了愛美 非常願意接受緊到爆表煙管褲的折磨,還記得每次吃飽就會偷偷的把褲頭解開,回到家的第一件事就是脫褲子!可是現在真的無法度啦!

所以為了舒服 我開始研究要怎麼把七分褲裙穿的好看 穿的時尚!這是我為大家搭配的第一套!我選擇搭上一件利落剪裁的絲質白色上衣和每個女孩應該有的黑色高跟鞋,是不是整個散發出一種莫名的藝術氣息呢?


While I was browsing through the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trends early this year around March, I came across Culottes and instantly I was like ‘WHAT AND WHY?!?”! I was so confused and feel bizarre that such an unflattering trousers are in fashion! The length and the wide cutting makes we girls’ legs look short and fat! However, it is only been a few months and I have already changed my mind!

As I get older, I seriously ran out of patience for tight clothes! Previously I would let my super duper tight clothes torture me just to look good and had to unbuckle after meals. I remembered the first thing I used to do when I get home is to take off my jeans! Now…NO WAY!!

So yes, I spent a good amount of time try and error to find out ways to pair up this bad boy! I chose to wear it with a simple white silk top and a pair of stripe black heels that every women own! So I hope you like my first outfit with culottes! So artsy so chic right? lol

If you also like culottes like I do and still have no clue in how to wear them then I have prepare a few links below for your reference!




70s BOHO


Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC06569 DSC06550 DSC06519_2 DSC06527_2 DSC06503


我這套是不是很有70年代波希米亞復古風的feeeel 呢?不知道最近怎麼了,這季我瘋狂似的愛了平常沒興趣的短板上衣,頭巾和破破爛爛的牛仔褲,不過把他們全部搭在一起,最後再加上圓形滾金邊的太陽眼鏡,天阿�~是不是別有一般風格呢?

Hey! What do guys think of this outfit? I have no clue why this season I am falling in love with items that would not interest me before for example crop top, headscarf and ripped jeans! But when I put all these items together with a round shaped sunglasses…VOILA! I hope you like it as much as I do!

頭巾/Headscarf: 小泉插畫 Renae Illustration 上衣/Top: H&M Jeans:Pull&Bear 拖鞋/Flipflop: Aldo 太陽眼鏡/Sunglasses: DA STORE(Shida night market)



Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC01231 DSC01345 DSC01367 DSC01408 DSC01414 DSC01433


It is strange that whenever people talk about ‘matching outfit’ they instantly think about formal top and skirt but no one ever says that matching outfit has to be formal and must be top and skirt! I love my matching checkered top and shorts and I really do not care if others tell me that I look like wearing pyjama outdoors because, pyjama is known to be “comfortable” and perfect for summer! Not to mention it is also super FUN to wear!

通常說到『套裝』你是不是會馬上想到正式場合穿的上衣跟裙子呢?不過誰說套裝不能是休閒的上衣短褲!我就偏偏喜歡這俏麗的格子套裝! 我發自內心的真的不CARE有人說我看起來像穿著睡衣出門,因為睡衣就是要『舒服』,所以在這種熱到讓人抓狂的大熱天當然就一定要穿上它囉!因為它除了舒服也非常簡單,慵懶和SUPER FUN!




Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC05798 DSC06139 DSC06026 DSC06048 DSC06086 DSC05929 DSC05953 DSC06142


Boyfriend jeans … what can i say, I love them! Their the perfect outfit for the casual not-trying-too-hard look and are super comfortable! I wanted to post about boyfriend jeans for a while, because there are a few things to get right because of their baggy fit they can make your figure unflattering. So first you have to show the skinny parts of your body to emphasis its just the jeans that are baggy, not your shape. For me, I showed my ankles paired up with white heels (adding length to my body) and a sleeveless top so my arms can emphasise my shape further. This outfit was even more with all the fun accessories I managed to pair up, the rings, bracelet and the envelop carry on bag for my small documents (like i have anything serious in there except my iphone LOL). I topped off the outfit for my boyfriend’s hat he got from japan, although his head is sooooo small it hardly fits me. Tell me what you think in the comments.



Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC05574 DSC05623 DSC05649 DSC05656


Don’t you think the green and the orange watercolour print looks so fresh and cool? Sometimes I feel that there is really no need to put on lots of accessories and over complicate the outfit. I personally love a simple outfit in the summer time as it is easy going and carefree. Totally my character! lol Definitely my number one choice for summer!