Photos by Marcus Cheng

Hey girls! I hope your Monday isn’t too blue! Just put it this way, party weekend starts in 5 days! Wooop So today I am going to share with you my ‘seal the deal’ outfit and hopefully will pump you up lol

If you have been follow me closely, you would know that lately I am obsessed with this metallic pencil skirt! I think this skirt is very versatile. The last time I wore it with a sleeveless silk printed top with a pair of white heels which is very suitable for day time. However, this time I swapped the top with a simple black vest and paired it up with a pair of black heels instead to give a more glamours look! I think this skirt is perfect if you fancy a cheeky party after work as all you have to do is change the top and you will be all glam up and ready to go!



有在發落我的人應該知道姐我最近愛上了這條銀色鉛筆裙,我覺得它可塑性非常的高,之前用同一條裙子搭配出都市知性風,而這次我只換了一件簡單的黑色背心和鞋子就瞬間變的美豔華麗,所以上班族可以在下班後換上一個單品就 ready to party 囉!

DSC08167 DSC08172 DSC08181 DSC08182 DSC08185 DSC08162 DSC08158 DSC08298 DSC08263 DSC08267 DSC08275 DSC08242 DSC08235 DSC08366 DSC08375 DSC08385 DSC08392


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