Photos by Marcus Cheng
I woke up this morning and I cannot wait to share with you guys photos from last night. It was so amazing to be invited to go to Vans and mini Magazine’s event! Before, I always thought Vans sneaker is just another pair of ordinary causal sneakers but after last night, I have realised how diverse and full of possibility a pair of Vans can be! It is certainly not just restricted to causal style! Anyway, since the event was thrown by the Japanese company, I was glad to see the models demonstrated the Japanese fashion with Vans. However, if you are also interested in other ways to wear Vans, I have attached a few links below for you girls!
p.s. I was super duper happy to meet so many new friends from the event last night! I must admit that I was so slightly scared before I left the house to the event but everyone was so kind, so chatty, so funny
達啦!一早就迫不及待上傳姐我昨天出去玩的照片!本來覺得Vans的鞋子很一般,就是普通的休閒鞋,不過昨天看到它其實可以搭出非常多不同的風格,而不是只限制在休閒的穿搭!真的瞬間愛死囉!不過因為這次的活動是跟日本mini雜誌合作,所以麻豆穿搭出來的風格都是走比較日系的風格! 所以想要開始嘗試穿Vans穿出不同風格的你可以看看以下我幫大家找到的穿搭連結喔~
p.s. 真的很開心認識新朋友!在家還沒出發真的有點怕怕的,不過大家都超級無敵霹靂nice啦啦啦啦啦!




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