Photos by Marcus Cheng

Hey girls! Big soz for not been updating! After 7 days of rest from Malaysia, I am finally able to bring myself up to write this post! Honestly, I still cannot get over how much fun Malaysia was! Apart from seeing all the good friends and enjoying the delicious food, I particularly love the shopping experience Malaysia offers. All the fast fashion brands I used to shop in the UK that are not available in Taiwan but are available in Malaysia!!! I instantly went crazy and stayed in malls for as long as I can remember! lolAnd yes I was wearing this OTT attention-seeking dress that I bought a couple of years ago out and about. I never dare to wear this red asymmetric maxi out in Taiwan as I cannot bear the ideas that people might think I am a narcissist or even worst someone weird/crazy. (In Taiwan, street fashion is just a little conservative). Anyway, guess the holiday makes me a little more carefree and do not give a shxx about the others!! Horray! Hope you like it 😉

哈囉~ 終於在姊從馬來希亞回來的第七天來發文啦!說真的我還真的很喜歡去馬來希亞玩!除了見到多年的好朋友 吃到好吃的東西以外,馬來希亞真的是血拼天堂耶!在台灣買不到的各大快速時尚品牌在馬來希亞應有盡有,姊我就穿著這件大紅長裙在Sephora和Topshop裡逛了大半天呢!其實不知道為什麼,在台灣總是不敢把這件大紅斜肩長裙拿出來穿,總覺太強眼怕別人會誤以為我是花癡,可是到了馬來希亞卻一點也沒在害羞,出個國人整個就跟著Free起來了呢~

DSC08874 DSC08912 DSC08914 DSC08965



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