A/W No.1


Photos by Marcus Cheng

All the autumn/winter clothes are coming out now! I so can’t wait for the cold weather to come! Dear god please let the temperature drop another 10 degrees, pretty please! (and I know for a fact that soon winter comes, I will start complaining and wants the summer back again! Girls are fickle, I know it best! lol)! Even though it is still very hot over here but I cannot stop myself from putting on my first A/W purchase/outfit! Voila!
The most popular material for the cold weather is of course the “Leather”! Every winter, you will definitely see all sorts of leather clothing on the street, leather jacket, leather skirt, leather shorts, leather trousers, leather boots and the list goes on…So yes! In this outfit, I am wearing the most IN item of the season: the Midi Leather Pleated Skirt and trust me, it has to be MIDI and PLEATED! I paired it up with a light grey sweater and in the photos you can see 2 different ways of wearing this outfit by just changing the accessories. First, I had a white envelope purse with sharp gold/white earring on one ear to create a more elegant look. Second, I paired it with bowler hat with pearl earrings to give a more artsy/casual/goingtoagallery look! What do you think?

If you also like wearing leather skirt, I have listed a list of all the other leather skirt outfits I like for your reference! Check it out!


秋冬當然少不了『皮』製商品,皮外套、皮衣、皮褲、皮裙樣樣不能少喔!今天我就穿上了今年超流行的中長板百折皮裙,相信我 今年一定要是半長和百折喔!我搭配上簡單的薄長袖灰色針織衫和運用不同的配 穿搭出兩個不同的感覺,第一,白色手拿包+大耳環 = 高貴優雅 第二,黑色紳士帽+珍珠耳環 = 休閒充滿藝術氣琪+帥氣又不失女人味!




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