Photos by Marcus Cheng

n this outfit I was wearing a blue babydoll dress with kimono. Kimono has proved to be the fashion hit over the last summer and is still blasting fiercely into 2014! And as why I love it? Because apart from me being the biggest fashion sucka, I love how lightweight a kimono is! It makes layering so easy in summers and it makes anything SIMPLE into something so chic and cute!

I truly believe this outfit suits lazy girls like moi perfectly. The babydoll dress allows me to walk around stores in this freak of a hot weather freely and allows me to eat all I want AND even better, I do not need to suck in my stomach! However, if you ask me to just wear this babydoll dress out on its own, I will feel so bare and naked! That is why I decided to pair this colourful kimono to complete this look! Do you girls like it?

穿上以前買的娃娃裝加上最近很流行的KIMONO真是酥湖啦!Kimono在去年夏天瞬間暴紅,而今年再接再厲的紅遍歐美大街小巷!置於我為什麼喜歡呢? 因為它的輕薄材質在炎熱的夏天可以遮陽而穿上它又不會太熱,再加上它非常好搭配衣服,只要簡單的衣服配上它瞬間變的不單調又時尚!

我真心的覺得這套穿搭非常適合像我一樣的懶女人,穿著寬寬鬆鬆的娃娃裝讓我在夏天逛著熱死人的室外大街也不敢到黏膩,加上我還可以放肆的大吃大喝而且還不用縮小腹!!天阿!真是懶女人偷懶的救星阿!但如果要我只穿這件娃娃裝出門我會覺得很單調很沒有安全感, 所以我搭配上了一件充滿不同顏色細節的KIMONO!你們喜歡嗎?



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