Photos by Marcus Cheng

I love Taiwan but I really detest shopping in Taiwan! I realised the fashion follows japanese and korean fashion closely here which I am not a huge fan because most of the styles have too much detail going on. E.g. puffy sleeves + cute lace + pearls + chiffon etc.

I prefer something bold, simple and elegant and my fashion philosophy is:
1. You should never have more than 3 colours on your body at one time.
2. One statement piece is more than enough! Sometimes you don’t event need one!
2. After putting your shoes on and before leaving the house, you should look into the mirror and take one item off (scarf, earrings or even lipstick colour etc.)

What I wanna say is, I seriously miss the UK shopping paradise and to ease my craving, I went to Hotel V as I read it on a magazine that it sells some of the TOPSHOP items and BAM! Look what I found?! This beautiful metallic pencil skirt! Tell me you are loving it too!

Metallic has always been a big hit during autumn and winter times as the weather gets darker day by day, colour on the street is turning muted and the dull atmosphere covers the whole city. So yes metallic is of course brighter than ever in autumn and winter and really adds some real glam to the dull dull weather!

I consider this silver pencil skirts as a statement piece and hence, I have paired it up with a simple sleeveless silk front watercolour print knitted back top. (lol you know what

I mean) Lastly I was carrying my new purchase white envelope purse! I hope you like it! Enjoy! xxx
我愛台灣 可是 我真的不愛在台灣逛街,因為我發現大部份在台灣賣的衣服都是給潮韓潮日的妹仔穿的,不要誤會我沒有不喜歡韓風日風的意思,只不過我個人不太喜歡『太多』的東西出現在同一件衣服上,太多details再一件衣服上真的會讓我頭暈,例:蓬蓬袖+蕾絲+珍珠+雪紡紗全部加在一起…喔買尬!而我呢…比較喜歡大膽,簡單利落加上一點貴氣的風格,我的穿衣哲學就是:

1. 身上應該不能超過3個顏色
2. 強眼吸睛的單品再身上只要出現一個就夠了
3. 每次穿好鞋子出門前我都會照照鏡子,然后拿掉身上某樣東西(耳環,口紅顏色,圍巾 等)

反正我想說的是 我超級想念英國的購物天堂啦!所以前幾天我跑去逛了Hotel V 因為我在雜誌上看到他們是Topshop在台灣的經銷商,然后將將將將 我找到了這件寶貝,快說!你們是不是也覺得這件銀色鉛筆裙真的超級無敵霹靂好看的呢?!

金屬風是秋冬季節永遠的主打,因為邁入秋冬時 天空會慢慢的越來越灰, 街景的顏色會越來越柔, 整個城市會越來越暗淡,所以再秋冬金屬顏色會格外的顯眼格外的吸引人!


DSC07920  DSC07949 DSC07956 DSC07964 DSC08012 DSC08026 DSC08063 DSC08112 DSC08047 DSC08032


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