Photos by Marcus Cheng

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Out of the blue I wanted to try out this new cool/rocker-ish look. Does it suit me? I quite like this outfit but I am still not 100% convinced. Anyway, recently I am very into tshirts with printed words. People who knows me would know that I am always after the effortless look. lol So if you like this kind of ‘I am not trying at all and yet I look stunning’ outfit then printed word t-shirt is definitely for you! In this outfit, I paired up with ripped jeans and my boyfriend’s brown backpack! Hope you like it!


突然心血來潮想要嘗試比較酷的 rocker風格!適合我嗎? 雖然我自己還蠻喜歡的不過還是沒有百分之百被說服,anyway 最近真的真的很喜歡簡單的T恤,尤其是有印字的!認識我的人都知道我私底下ㄧ直不斷追求那種 看起來沒有特別打扮可是穿出來的衣服還是這麼好看的look! 哈 所以簡單的印字T恤是女生穿出休閒風格不可少的百搭商品喔!這套我選擇搭配破洞牛仔褲和男朋友的咖啡色皮背包!好看嗎?


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