70s BOHO


Photos by Marcus Cheng

DSC06569 DSC06550 DSC06519_2 DSC06527_2 DSC06503


我這套是不是很有70年代波希米亞復古風的feeeel 呢?不知道最近怎麼了,這季我瘋狂似的愛了平常沒興趣的短板上衣,頭巾和破破爛爛的牛仔褲,不過把他們全部搭在一起,最後再加上圓形滾金邊的太陽眼鏡,天阿�~是不是別有一般風格呢?

Hey! What do guys think of this outfit? I have no clue why this season I am falling in love with items that would not interest me before for example crop top, headscarf and ripped jeans! But when I put all these items together with a round shaped sunglasses…VOILA! I hope you like it as much as I do!

頭巾/Headscarf: 小泉插畫 Renae Illustration 上衣/Top: H&M Jeans:Pull&Bear 拖鞋/Flipflop: Aldo 太陽眼鏡/Sunglasses: DA STORE(Shida night market)


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