Photos by Marcus Cheng

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It is strange that whenever people talk about ‘matching outfit’ they instantly think about formal top and skirt but no one ever says that matching outfit has to be formal and must be top and skirt! I love my matching checkered top and shorts and I really do not care if others tell me that I look like wearing pyjama outdoors because, pyjama is known to be “comfortable” and perfect for summer! Not to mention it is also super FUN to wear!

通常說到『套裝』你是不是會馬上想到正式場合穿的上衣跟裙子呢?不過誰說套裝不能是休閒的上衣短褲!我就偏偏喜歡這俏麗的格子套裝! 我發自內心的真的不CARE有人說我看起來像穿著睡衣出門,因為睡衣就是要『舒服』,所以在這種熱到讓人抓狂的大熱天當然就一定要穿上它囉!因為它除了舒服也非常簡單,慵懶和SUPER FUN!



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