Pictures by Acacia Hsieh

 DSC09854 DSC09925 DSC09859

First thing first. Big apologies for the late update. I will just have to blame the good weather which we don’t get quite enough over the year. Anyway, as I have promised you all for more pictures on the hats. Both hats above were designed and hand made by the talented Maria Milliner. I love the pink one because it is classy and feminine. Isn’t the blue one just way too fun? I love the design that I can tie a bun in the middle. The cream ruffles around is my favourite part. Oh! Have I forgot about the feather? Love it! If you like them as much as I do then you got to check the website out (http://mariaefmilliner.com/)

P.s. Maria is such a lovely woman! Check out her twitter for latest updates @MariaEfMilline


4 thoughts on “OH HAT, HOW NICE TO MEET YOU

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