sunoutshadesoutPictures by Jenny Chen

Good morning guys! Or rather good afternoon! I hope guys had an amazing extended holiday! The weather has been so lovely over the last few days. So as my title says, its time to get your SHADES OUT!

Finding the right frame is a bit of a pain. I find it really hard to find a pair that go with my face shape (in case you haven’t notice, I have got an oblong face shape), but after many years of disastrous attempts, I noticed that any shape/frame will look good on me as long as the frame is wider than my face. The bigger then better! I just came across this article on ‘Finding the best sunglasses for your face shape’  at ( as I am writing this post now. I hope it will help you to find a killer pair for this summer!

1. Gucci , 2. Forever 21, 3. Marcus Cheng (Sorry I have no idea where he got it), 4. Chanel, 5. Forever 21 , 5. Chanel Vintage


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